About us

About us

We look back on over 15 years of experience as as a label for visual art and re-orient ourselves as a media agency. Together with an extended team and long-term partners in a newly founded office space.

Who we are

BILDWERK is an interdisciplinary studio in the heart of Vienna that combines visual art, interaction design and cutting-edge technologies to create smart multimedia experiences. The collective enlivens digital ideas for clients in the fields of culture, industry and the public sector, who want to present themselves in individual and innovative ways. Together with a broad network of out-of-the-box thinkers from behind the scenes, our team creates holistic sensory worlds of experiences for exhibitions, trade fairs and events as well as in public spaces.

Jürgen Haghofer, Beatriz Lacerda, Tim Peham, Leonard Pokropek, Benjamin Pokropek, Achim Stromberger


In the beginning of 2017 we founded our own office space at Neubaugasse Vienna, together with the graphics studio VALENCE and ZIRUP architects. Being that close to other Viennese creatives we aim to forward collaborative projects. With a total of 297m2 at NBG31, we luckily don’t run the risk to get too close physically.

You can not do it all alone

At this point we would like to thank our friends from LWZ for our corporate identity, which we are very happy with. Special thanks go to the vvvv Community, through whose support and network we profit sustainably. The software is our favorite toolbox for the realization of our projects.