Not everything we do is based on our clients. As a collective, we pursue and produce both commercial projects as well as our own ideas. Our portfolio is a unique collection of installations for trade fairs and museum exhibitions, interventions in public spaces and productions for media art festivals.

BMW Digital Discovery Space

Der BMW Digital Discovery Space ist eine Trainings-Installation für die BMW Group Academy in München, in der sich die MitarbeiterInnen mit der Verwendung und dem Nutzen von Big Data Analytics auseinandersetzen können. — Read more

ZOOM Trickfilm Studio

Im Trickfilmstudio des ZOOM Kindermuseums können Kinder zwischen 8 und 14 Jahren animierte Kurzfilme erstellen - von der Story über die Zeichnung von Figuren bis hin zur Vertonung. Im Rahmen des Interreg-Projektes "Animation NOW" wurden wir mit der Modernisierung und technischen Neukonzeption des Studios beauftragt. — Read more


Unser Beitrag zur Niederösterreichischen Landesausstellung 2019 verwandelt ein Gewölbe der Kasematten mittels 9 Projektionen in ein sich konstant durch einen abstrakten Raum bewegendes Vehikel: ein Mobil mit einem dynamischen visuellen Innenleben, das durch eine wachsende Datencloud erzeugt wird. — Read more

ÖBB Inforail

Take a seat - take your time. The InfoRail Südstrecke invites you to explore ongoing projects along the southern route of the Austrian Federal Railway. We successfully pitched our idea and took care of the interface conception and technical direction. — Read more

AIT Railway Mapping

How can algorithms of automated and digitalized transportation systems be visualized intelligigly? We solved it by projecting real-time animated information graphics onto a moving model railroad. Complex fields of research were brought to the visitors in an understandable way. — Read more

BWT @ISH2019

Für die Messepräsenz von BWT, eines der führenden Unternehmens Europas von Systemen zur Wasseraufbereitung, sind wir dazu eingeladen worden, einige interaktive Exponate umzusetzen, die die Gäste zum Staunen und zum längeren Verweilen am Stand brachten. — Read more

Milka Interactive Mapping

During a two-day promotional event, we invited people to create collages of their heads, torsos and legs. The result was then printed on a chocolate bar label in real-time. — Read more

Science Busters

Science Busters is a science cabaret show from Austria that relies on our expertise in content production and show operation since 2016. — Read more

FM4 Boombox

In close cooperation with the architects of Zirup and LWZ we designed and constructed a mobile sound system for FM4. Since the beginning of 2018, the Boombox has been used both indoors and outdoors at festivals, concerts and parties. — Read more

Vöslauer Laufomat

Vöslauer staged an interactive marketing installation at the Donaukanal in Vienna, that delivered a bottle of water by capturing running movements in front of a camera. We delivered the software and interactive control. — Read more

Ring Ging Bling

RingGingBling is a collective spatial installation in complementary colours that started at sound:frame festival 2013. Since then it is evolving as an on-going collective experiment within the exhibition context. — Read more

Vitra Heimatgenerator

Together with Atelier Markgraph we made a tongue-in-cheek installation for Vitra, which takes Heimat or ‘home country’ as its theme. The person in front of the shopping window could configure and download a wild collage via a mobile web interface. — Read more

Sound:Frame Festivals

sound:frame is exactly as old as we are. In 10 years of the festival history we took many different roles in the production and grew as technical partners and visual artists. — Read more

Beijing Design Week 2014

‘IIIIII’ displays a holographic, 3-dimensional illusion in a volumetric corpus by placing a projector in front of it and mapping every single of its hundreds strings. — Read more

Pioneers Festival

Since many years we are a reliable partner for the live production if the Pioneers Festival in Vienna and took care of tasks like programming of media servers, network technology and parts of the content production. — Read more

Deep City @Ars Electronica Center

In 2015, BILDWERK took part in the Connecting Cities Artist in Residency at Ars Electronica Futurelab. During these three weeks, the projects DEEP CITY and BLINDAGE were created. — Read more