With a diverse set of skills, no project is treated like the other. We offer services in tune with our corporate identity – modularly composed and functioning both individually and in its entirety.

Interactive Exhibits

Let your audience participate in your world through multimedia experiences. Our projects invite you to discover and inspire the imagination of your audience and transport your content directly into the emotional long-term memory of your clients. — Read more

Digital Touchpoints

A touchpoint is the interface that brings your potential customers to you. We locate your clients and take them on an interactive and digital journey through your brand environment at the point of sale. — Read more

Generative Animations

We produce content based on algorithms and code that is animated in real-time. The motion graphics are not subject to a fixed storyboard, can generate themselves and process parameters from outside graphically. As part of led installations or interactive exhibits, real-time animations can contribute to an unforgettable and immersive experience. — Read more

Projection & Stage Design

By operating with modern technologies we turn your ideas into unique, dynamic visual worlds. As interdisciplinary visual artists, your request is always in our focus, and we would be happy to set the right framework for your presentation. — Read more

Light Installations

Directly or indirectly illuminated objects stand out from afar and will attract your audience.  For our customers, we develop individual LED installations and lighting objects, which can be used as interactive exhibits in museums and at trade fairs. — Read more