Digital Touchpoints

A touchpoint is the interface that brings your potential customers to you. We locate your clients and take them on an interactive and digital journey through your brand environment at the point of sale. To do so, we create interfaces with maximum user experience that are easy to use and optimally combined with your message. Possible ways of communication in interactive installations include multi-touch screens or the interaction with projections through body movements, gestures and facial expressions. Additionally we program mobile apps and web interfaces for location-independent operation of data visualizations, or import sensor data directly into hardware and software. Thereby, for example, we can control robot arms, light installations and housing technology.

Vitra Heimatgenerator

Together with Atelier Markgraph we made a tongue-in-cheek installation for Vitra, which takes Heimat or ‘home country’ as its theme. The person in front of the shopping window could configure and download a wild collage via a mobile web interface. — Read more

Vöslauer Laufomat

Vöslauer staged an interactive marketing installation at the Donaukanal in Vienna, that delivered a bottle of water by capturing running movements in front of a camera. We delivered the software and interactive control. — Read more

AIT Railway Mapping

How can algorithms of automated and digitalized transportation systems be visualized intelligigly? We solved it by projecting real-time animated information graphics onto a moving model railroad. Complex fields of research were brought to the visitors in an understandable way. — Read more