Interactive Exhibits & Installations

Let your audience participate in your world through multimedia experiences. Interactive installations transport your content directly into the emotional long-term memory of your clients. Our projects invite you to discover and inspire the imagination of your audience, whether it be on trade fairs and museums as well as in public spaces or at events. Hence, we strive to challenge ourselves and make the impossible possible for you – starting with generating ideas, developing prototypes and generative content up to implementing technology such as projection mappings or light installations. Even though we can draw on a wide range of experience, we are driven to continuously expand the range of possibilities and therefore create new entry points into your digital world. If you are interested in exchanging ideas and going on a journey with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

ÖBB Inforail

Take a seat - take your time. The InfoRail Südstrecke invites you to explore ongoing projects along the southern route of the Austrian Federal Railway. We successfully pitched our idea and took care of the interface conception and technical direction. — Read more

Vitra Heimatgenerator

Together with Atelier Markgraph we made a tongue-in-cheek installation for Vitra, which takes Heimat or ‘home country’ as its theme. The person in front of the shopping window could configure and download a wild collage via a mobile web interface. — Read more

AIT Railway Mapping

How can algorithms of automated and digitalized transportation systems be visualized intelligigly? We solved it by projecting real-time animated information graphics onto a moving model railroad. Complex fields of research were brought to the visitors in an understandable way. — Read more