Projection & Stage Design

A conclusive visual presentation of your content is crucial, whether on stage or in public space, on the screen or on a display. By operating with modern technologies we turn your ideas into unique, dynamic visual worlds building immersive interactive spaces. As interdisciplinary visual artists, your request is always in our focus, may it be 16:9, 4:3 or even building your own illuminated object. The possibilities are endless and we would be happy to set the right framework for your presentation.

Milka Interactive Mapping

During a two-day promotional event, we invited people to create collages of their heads, torsos and legs. The result was then printed on a chocolate bar label in real-time. — Read more

Sound:Frame Festivals

sound:frame is exactly as old as we are. In 10 years of the festival history we took many different roles in the production and grew as technical partners and visual artists. — Read more

AIT Railway Mapping

How can algorithms of automated and digitalized transportation systems be visualized intelligigly? We solved it by projecting real-time animated information graphics onto a moving model railroad. Complex fields of research were brought to the visitors in an understandable way. — Read more