Light Installations

For our customers, we develop individual LED installations and lighting objects, which can be used as interactive exhibits in museums and at trade fairs. These directly or indirectly illuminated objects stand out from afar and will attract your audience. Design with light not only attracts customers but can also set the right accents and create lasting impressions in stage design for your major events, for example through blinking DJ desks or stage elements. Moreover, the integration of generative visualizations can also be used in the design of digital touchpoints to subtly accompany users of an interface through the experience and provide signals about the handling.

Beijing Design Week 2014

‘IIIIII’ displays a holographic, 3-dimensional illusion in a volumetric corpus by placing a projector in front of it and mapping every single of its hundreds strings. — Read more

Ring Ging Bling

RingGingBling is a collective spatial installation in complementary colours that started at sound:frame festival 2013. Since then it is evolving as an on-going collective experiment within the exhibition context. — Read more

FM4 Boombox

In close cooperation with the architects of Zirup and LWZ we designed and constructed a mobile sound system for FM4. Since the beginning of 2018, the Boombox has been used both indoors and outdoors at festivals, concerts and parties. — Read more