Generative Animations

We produce content based on algorithms and code that is animated in real-time. Thus, the motion graphics are not subject to a fixed storyboard, can generate themselves and process parameters from outside graphically. This results, for example, in projected visualizations of dynamic sensor data, visitor statistics or visuals to music. Enter your generative story via custom interfaces, such as multi-touch surfaces or haptic elements, with which the displayed data can be manipulated. As part of led installations or interactive exhibits, real-time animations can contribute to an unforgettable and immersive experience.

AIT Railway Mapping

How can algorithms of automated and digitalized transportation systems be visualized intelligigly? We solved it by projecting real-time animated information graphics onto a moving model railroad. Complex fields of research were brought to the visitors in an understandable way. — Read more

FM4 Boombox

In close cooperation with the architects of Zirup and LWZ we designed and constructed a mobile sound system for FM4. Since the beginning of 2018, the Boombox has been used both indoors and outdoors at festivals, concerts and parties. — Read more

Science Busters

Science Busters is a science cabaret show from Austria that relies on our expertise in content production and show operation since 2016. — Read more